KLE BK College, Chikodi
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Basavaprabhu kore arts, Science & Commerce College

Re Accredited with "A" by NAAC, Bangalore

Department of English

The Department of English of the college, established in 1969, is one of the largest Departments in terms of student strength. It has been playing a significant role in imparting English Language Skills which are in highest demand in the job market as per the recent trends.Chikodi is a rural area and more than 75% of students are from small and educationally disadvantaged villages.They are in dire need of English language skills for their uplift. More over emergence of the Corporate world and the impact of globalization have created a greater need for learning English language. Hence, to keep in tune with the new world’s needs the department has sensitized itself. It has been playing a greater role rather than discharging the traditional role.

Teachers who have left behind their indelible contributions to the emergence of the Department:

1. Prof S S Kotagi

2. Prof S S Kulkarni

3. Prof S Krishna

4. Prof CB Kanavalli

5. Prof S J Gurav

6. Prof S S Urabinavar

7. Prof B D Dhamannavar

8. Prof G P Kudari

9. Prof Miss M A Patil

10. Miss S V Dalal

11. Prof S B Nadagouda

12. Miss Shashikala

13. Miss Uma Saligoudar

14. Prof A S Kale

15. Prof Stella Mudalagi

16. Shri R S Santagol

17.Shri M M Patil

18.Shri P G Jakkannavar


* Basic English for BA,BSc And BCOM

* Optional English for BA PartI and PartII(Introduced from 2014-15)

* Spoken English Classes

Faculty Profile

Name Designation Qualification Teaching Experience Research Experience
Ashoka K S Associate Professor MA in English University of Mysore, Mysore 19/8/1985 25 Years

1. Attended ELEP at ACT, Bangalore

2. Facilitator Course in Human Resource Development

3. Attended an Orientation Course at ASC, KUD

4. Attended Three Refresher Courses at CIEFL, Hyderabad, GND University,Amritsar, Punjab

5. Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharastra

U.V NILAPANAWAR Lecturer MA In English from KLES Lingaraj college, (Autonomous) Rani Channamma University, Belagavi 01/07/2015 1 Years

Attended One International Seminar Aapers Presented in National Seminars-04 Attended one State Level Seminar

Miss S V Desai Lecturer M. A in English,KLES Lingaraj (Autonomous)Rani Chennamma University,Belagavi. 24/06/2015 Nill

Presented 10 Papers In National/Satate Level Seminars and Attended 03 International Seminars.


Imparting Writing and Speaking Skills in order to empower the rural youth.

1. This is in tune with the vision of our college.

2. To enhance confidence level in students by developing communicative skills

3. To promote employability amongst students

4. To employ student centric and activity based teaching approch.

Results in April,2015 Even Semester Examination

Class Designation First Class Pass %
BA VI Sem 09 - 100%
BA IV Sem 74 93 100%
BSc II Sem 77 63 97.80 %
BCOM II Sem 77 30 98.40 %
BA IV Sem 01 05 38.77 %
BA II Sem(Basic) 04 05 53.48 %
BA II Sem(Optional) - 02 73 %
Department-Overall 242 196

Students Strength : 2011-2012

Class Dist Ist Class II nd Class Pass Class Total Pass Faliure % of Results
BA Part I - - 08 01 09 05 35
- BA Part II 01 08 01 10 06 62
B Sc Part I 05 33 44 03 85 13 86
B Sc Part II 31 24 07 01 63 06 91
B Com Part I 02 04 08 03 17 08 68
Total 38 62 75 09 184 38 82

Toppers of June,2011 Examination:

1. Rashmi Kattimani BA VI Sem

2.Dundappa Chougula, BA VI Sem

3. Priya Karajage, BA II Sem

4.Rupadevi Patil, BA II Sem

5.Sagar Tonape: BA II Sem

6.Ummeruman Mulla, BA II Sem

7. Usha Rayannavar BA II Sem BA IV Sem

BSc IV Sem:

1. Deepa Patil

2. Haleema Shaikh

3. Swati

4. Kavita Harke

5. Keerti Shahir

6. Kiran Malinge

7. Kishan Padukone

8. Madhuri Patil

9.Mahantesh Patil

10. Mahesh Kadapure

BSc II Sem

1. Chandrashekar Hurali

2. Pooja M Melavanki

3. Pooja V Mane

4. Poornima Munnoli

5.Priyanka Shinde

6. Rohini Pattanakudi

7.Roopa Murnal

8. Sanivoom Bagvan

9.Sangeeta Amminabhavi

10. Shruti Vasavade

11. Shweta Vanjeere

12. Veena Kumbar

BCom II Sem

1.Kuldeep K Dhale

2. Manjunath Malage

3.Mudassarnajar Inamdar

4.Neha Bhojkar

5.Sanjeev Dhanagar

6.Swagat Gani

Activities conducted to impart language skills effectively:

1. Seminars/ Debates and Discussions

2. Tutorial Classes

3. Tests

4. Remedial Classes

5. Bridge Classes for Part I Students

6. Academic Counseling

7. Consultancy

UGC Sponsored Career Oriented Courses in Spoken English

Certificate Course:

28 have successfully completed the course in 2010-11

132 students have taken admission for Certificate Course in 2011-12

Diploma :

28 students have taken admission for Diploma Course during 2011-12

The syllabi have been approved by Karnatak University , Dharwad. Students who have enrolled for UG courses are eligible to join Career oriented course

Future Plans:

1. Classes for improvement of accent .

2. Creative writing course .

3. Easy Grammar learning-Through Time tested Oral Methodology .

4. Reduction of lecture method .

5. Activity based teaching and experiential learning for personality development .

6. Enhancement of comfort level in English learning for the rural students .


Special Achievements:

B.Sc III Sem Exam has recorded 91% of results in Oct/Nov Odd Semester Examination . Highest No of distinctions in that class: 31