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Department of Chemistry

Tours Conducted by Department

Year Name of Industry visited No. of Students
2010-11 Doodha Ganga Krishna Sahakari Sakkare Karkhane Niyamit, Chikodi. 52
2011-12 Doodha Ganga Krishna Sahakari Sakkare Karkhane Niyamit, Chikodi. 100
2013-14 Curriculum has changed instead of study tour project work has introduced. 105
2014-15 Project work. Chemical Reactions in sugar industry. 103
2015-16 Project work. Chemical Reactions in sugar industry. 160

Participation of Teachers in academic and personal counseling of students: nd personal counseling of students: Mentor system is employed in the institution, every teacher I s given 15 students who take care of their academic and personal development.

Participation of teachers in Seminar/ ConfeParticipation of teachers in Seminar/ Conferences / Training Programs / Workshops during last five years:



Seminar/Conferences/Training Programs/Workshops programs attended

Paper Presented in National/International level


Dr.M.T.Kurani, Principal




Prof. S.B. Vanjire








Prof.Shivanna Banakar




Prof: Rajaiah B.




Prof. P.P.Koli







Prof. Miss.J.R.Patil.




Prof.Miss. Mulla.



10 Prof PM Palankar 05 01
11 Prof VM Kalmath 02 01
12 Prof S B Konnur 01 01
13 Prof Miss S B Kotabagi 01 01

Research Project undertaken by Department:

Our department has completed (2012-13) a Govt. V.G.S.T. Project for students, under the guideship of Prof. S. Banakar. Student name Preeti Billure BScIII (V&VI-Sem). Project amount-Rs-30,000/- project title-Electroplating

The Department has organized UGC Sponsored Two Day National seminar on the World of Nano Science on 7 & 8 Feb.2013.

Dr.S.M.Shivaprasad Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research Bangalore has consented key note speaker. Dr.Chandrakant Kokate Vice Chancellor, K.L.E.University,Belagavi has consented the Chief guest for Inaugural function.The Seminar was attended by 200 delegates of which 80 Teachers delegates and 120 students from different colleges and universities.

Synthesis and characterization of Nano material’s.

1. Quantum structure, metal Nan crystals, nanowires, Nanotubes and nanobiomimetics.

2. Use of Biomaterials (NDA, Proteins, Lipids, Cells etc.) as templetes for Nanoassemblies and for Metallic or Semiconducting nano structures.

3. Characterization techniques and Nano manipulations, applications of Nano materials in Biology, Chemical technology and Electronics.

4. Scale up processes for Nano materials.

5. Advanced Nanotechnology in Agriculture, food, energy, environment,Industries, Medicine,Textiles,water management etc.

UGC Sponsored Two Day National Seminar on “NEW EMERGING TRENDS IN CHEMISTRY CHALLENGES AHEAD” will be conducted on 6 and 7 March 2015

Chief Guest:

Dr. Chandrakant Kokate, Vice-Chancellor, K.L.E University, Belagavi has inaugurate the function. Total delegates-43.


Our department has MOU with Doodhaganga Krishna Sahakari Sakkare Karakhane Niyamit Chikodi.

Extension activities:

Members of the department of chemisty visits frequently the schools situated in rural areas of chikodi Taluka. Prof. Rajaiah B. along with Prof. G.B. Jambagi & Prof. J.B. Mulla has visited the schools with equipments and demonstrated the experiments that are for IX and X standards.The response of the students, teachers and parents in villages is so positive that next year they invited us to visit and do the experiments

Activities performed on account “2011 – International Year of Chemistry”:

1. The Department of Chemistry has organized an Elocution competition for our college Students on the Subject “life and contributions of great Scientists” on 10/10/2011. 19 students have been participated. Student’s participation was very good. List of Prize Winners is as follows:

I Prize – Miss Sonia Kagale PUC I Science

II Prize – Miss Shital Madalagi PUc II Science

III Prize – Miss Sudharani Phakire PUC I Science

2. The Department of Chemistry has Organized “Taluka Level Chemistry Quiz Competition for Secondary School Students”

List of prize winners is as follows

Name of the Students Name of the School Prize
Kumar Girish R Koth GSES Society’s SJSS English Medium High School,Chikodi. I
Kumar Sohel F Bagwan GSES Society’s SJSS English Medium High School,Chikodi. I
Kumar S.B.Kumbar R.D.Composite Pre-University College,Chikodi. II
Kumar R.S. Khot R.D.Composite Pre-University College,Chikodi. II
Kumar A. K. Pothreddi K.L.E. society’s SSK Composite Pre-university College,Ankali III
Kumar S.H.Patil K.L.E. society’s SSK Composite Pre-university College,Ankali. III
Kumari Rshmi Nakathe Chanabasappa Karale High School, Examba III
Kumar Mahantesh Naik Chanabasappa Karale High School, Examba III

K.L.E. Society’s P.C.Jabin Science, College Hubli organized State Level Seminar on ‘Chemistry Our life, Our Future’ on the occasion of celebration of 2011 Inter-National year of Chemistry on 24th September 2011.

Two Students participated in this competition

1. Anand. B. Jayagoudar.

2. Chandrashekar. Hura

Activities Name of the Students
Elocution Computation 1)Miss Veena Sollapure
2) Shri V.S.Patil
Essay Computation 1) Miss Padmashree Dubale
2)Miss Sativa Koli
Quiz Computation 1)Shri Chandrashekar Hurali
2)Miss Parvati Bhiste

The Chemical Society of B. K. College has organized a State Level Elocution Competition on 28-09-2015. The list of prize winners is given below.

Name of the Students Prize
Miss.Trupti Khidrapure, B.K.College Chikodi First Prize
Miss. Meghashree Karme, T.P.Science College Sankeshwar Second Prize
Miss. Madhu Alakanur,. B.K. College of B.C.A. Chikodi Third Prize

Plan of action of the department for the next five years:

1. To establish research lab.

2. To take major/minor research Center.

3. To develop department as a Research Center.

4. To obtain guide ship for guiding research that leads to M.phil/ Ph.D degrees.

5. To establish linkages with National and International Research Institutions